The best borrowing place

You might wonder about the best borrowing place in this world where you can even avail loan with a bad credit history. Same was the case with me as I was very bad in handling my finances. You can say that I was amongst those people who spend the money for nothing and anything.

I was facing some issues related huge amount on my credit card payments and since was unable to pay the surcharge was increasing every day. One day I received the legal notice from the bank and I was lost. I decided to take personal loan from the bank .I promised to myself that will pay all the payments and from next time will manage my budget in a proper way. I was aware of the consequences on no payment and didn’t want to be in any court or legal issues. I checked with the bank and after 2 days they reverted with rejection as of my bad credit history. Now I didn’t have any solution except for taking loan from my friend or any family member.

Under the utter depression I spoke to my friend and he recommended me to check with; since he thought that I am eligible to do so. Trusting his thoughts and experience I contacted them and asked their requirements. I agreed with them and decided to proceed with the logbook loan. They told me about how the loan works and how you have to take care for the payment system as well. The logbook loan gives you loan as per the worth of your car and it is against your vehicle logbook. Failure to pay monthly payment can led you towards problems and they can take your car as well.

When the team from came up for the inspection I got to know that the car registration was not on my name and they can’t proceed with this car. Since the rule says that car log book (v5) has to be on the name of the applicant. I was worried now as there was no other option. However, the team of logbook loan was very supportive and told me that if I can provide them the alternate and that is up to their criteria they are ready to help me. I requested my sister to opt for that loan and she trusted me.

The team of helped us a lot throughout the process. Learning from the old experience they told us the full details from the eligibility till the payment methods from the schedule of payments, consequences for non-payment or even for late payment. We are happy that we are not ripped off like other financial services. Till date we haven’t come across with a single issue and now we are left with only one payment and the best thing is that the team has already informed us that after the last payment we can get out car log without any hassle.

I am really thankful to the team for their support, guideline and taking me out from this major issue of debt.